Work with me

“Dance is the hidden language of the soul”

-Martha Graham

Do you feel your heartbeat? Do you feel the vibrant energy within your body? Do you feel the deep connection to the intention of your soul? If you can answer all of these question with a Yes, you’re already on the right way.

But don’t worry if it is not like this. You’re not alone with that! We all have times in our lifes where things just don’t flow, where we got stuck, feel overwhelmed or completely missing out our inner strength. Don’t judge yourself for this. You landed here for a reason – maybe you’re struggling with a certain topic in the moment, maybe you have to face a challenging situation in your life or maybe you just feel that there’s more waiting for you. Whatever it may be, you’re here because your time is NOW!

If you want to

  • step out of stress and exhaustion and feel more energized and powerful
  • release from feelings of overtaxing and anxiety
  • create more body concouisness and awareness for your personal needs
  • reveal your individual resources and access your creative potential
  • feel the joy of living and express yourself with your uniqueness in this world … and so much more

you´re exactly right here. I am here to support you to enlight your inner fire. BUT this change needs YOUR decision and YOUR full commitment, so it can embody through your movements, words and actions.

How do I work?

As a dance therapist, one of my main working methods – and far beyond that the heart of my work – is, of course, motion and dance. But beside this I also integrate embodiment techniques, mindful practices and coaching tools, that supported me on my individual path of growing into a more and more authentic version of myself. Moreover they are an indispensable part of my own daily routines today.

This holistic approach truly connects your body, mind and spirit. It supports you step out of your mind into your body expressing your authentic self and create the life that is meant to be for you.

But for real, why should I try this?

Because you get it all! Through this practice you will learn to

  • activate your energy potential
  • reconnect to your body and its truth
  • explore new opportunities and release from dysfunctional patterns
  • feel and express your feelings
  • discover your uniqueness
  • promote your body perception
  • get clear
  • grow personally

So if you feel ready for something new, let´s set your Heart on Fire!