We are one – Dance Therapy Classes & Groups

dance – as though no one is watching you,
love – as though you have been never hurt before,
sing – as though no one can hear you,
live – as though heaven is on earth.

– Souza

We are one!

Next to individual settings I offer regular classes at different locations in Playa Jacó, Costa Rica.

What are the benefits of a group setting? The group setting works like the micro cosmos of your life, the topics in your life will show up in a group as well. That might sound scary, but its the biggest gift you can receive. Why? Because in this secure and supportive setting you will be surrounded by like-minded people. People that are curious about expressing themselves in an authentic way through dance & movement, people that want to explore, create and discover more about their individuality. People like YOU!

I will offer you this secure space of exploration and learning and be your guidance within the process, so you can transfer your take aways from the group into your daily life.

Choose between two beautiful locations:

  • Aurora Yoga Studio, Jacó Walk
  • Hermosa Beach House, Playa Hermosa de Jacó

Price: 10 $ + tax per class

Ready to start?

Searching for something special?

You want to bring your own group of family and friends and wish to join a unique, private dance therapy & movement session at one of the offered locations or at the beach with an incredible atmosphere?

Price: 100 $ per class max. 10 persons

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