About me

Hi again! So good, that you found the way to here. I´m grateful that you take some time to have a closer look. And as I really do not believe in any coincidences, you might be searching already for a longer time to find a way that supports you to reveal more of your true authentic potential off the beaten path?! Am I right? What you will find here is different and without missing out the importance of your body – the biggest gift you have, your soul – that will always lead you to your inner truth and the holistic view about it´s expression in motion.

This is exactly how my own story into my “Life in Motion” began. Always searching for my own authentic path in life, I needed to walk on the wooden way for a long time – in most areas of my life. I completely lost my inner compass and the sense of life. But inside of me there was still a little spark and a certainty, that there is something else waiting for me out there. With dance & bodytherapy I finally found the combination of personal growth and moving expression, I was longing for such a long time. What followed was a 6 year education as certificated dance therapist (BTD), alternative psychotherapist (HPG) and a lot of mindfulness and embodiment trainings. Taking the decision to step into that new stage was truly life changing for me as you will read below. But the best of all is, that I am now able to share the essence of my practice and all my experiences from the past ten years with you to figure out what really sets YOUR heart on fire!

Born as a free soul

Beside all this I’m a mama of a crazy, wild child, passionate traveler, nature lover and soul surfer girl. I left Germany with my son to move to my beloved Costa Rica following my inner voice and a vibrant energy I could never feel like this before. Now settled down in the little beach town Jacó at the Pacific Ocean and surrounded by the lush green jungle Im on my path to create in alignment with my most important values authenticity, love, freedom and aliveness.

Grown into a soul dancer

As I am crazy in love with dance & motion my whole life, of course movement in its various facets has a tremendous impact on my work and profession. But moreover it´s a way of life for me. Its a passion, it´s my way of expression, my vehicle to release, feel and create. Its my access to creativity, femininity and exploration. It´s the gift I want to share with you.

But what actually means Living in Motion?

I am convinced that true transformation in our life needs more then a shift in our mindset. Far beyond that, it requires the integration of our bodies inner wisdom and a careful listening to the truth of your soul. Your body is the access to all our healing potential, our individual expressions and our true self in it´s incomparable uniqueness. I´m here to be your guidance on your own authentic path to a literally moved life that lights up your heart!

“When you dance, your purpose is not to get to a certain place on the floor. It´s to enjoy each step along the way.”

-Wayne Dyer